Symbiotics Ltd are experts in the selection of people who can deliver in high risk industries. Our purpose as a global assessment provider, is to collaborate with clients to deliver robust and reliable solutions for assessment and selection. Our team also provide training and consultancy services to help our clients understand how people perform in their working environments.

With a team of Psychologists supporting all of our products and services we are able to provide psychometric, human performance and mental health assessment solutions to help companies select staff who can deliver under stress or high risk. We have a range of tests to meet selection and assessment, recruitment, training and personnel upgrade needs, all with the additional support of our Psychologists.

Our assessments include personality questionnaires, aptitude tests and cognitive tests, knowledge based tests, leadership and management tests, group observations and scenario based behavioural assessments.

Our services are vital for any organisation operating in a high risk or stress industry where the selection of personnel is critical to the performance of the role. We work extensively within aviation supporting airlines and operators with Pilot assessments, and with specialist police forces across the UK delivering police assessments.

Symbiotics additionally provide support to clients to help monitor the mental wellbeing of their workforce and have online mental wellbeing assessment tools that allow for early identification of warning signs. This allows targeted help and support to be given to the individual to help them improve their mental wellbeing.

Our Pedigree

Symbiotics have provided assessment & selection, training and consultancy services to 58 countries over five continents with our team designing bespoke solutions that are culturally aware. Over 36,000 candidates have undergone our online pre-selection assessment process since 2012.

How we work with you

Symbiotics works with you to identify the key traits that a role requires, your company’s ethos and culture and then selects from its bank of tests or develops specialist ones (if required) that identifies the best candidates for the role and your company. Based on your requirements we work with you to create a mix of tests that mean you can be confident in employing the right people in the right role within your business.

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