Symbiotics - Experts in assessment, training & mental wellbeing.

We are experts in the selection of people who can deliver in high risk industries Our purpose as a global assessment provider, is to collaborate with clients to deliver robust and reliable solutions for assessment and selection. Our team also provide training and consultancy services to help our clients understand how people perform in their working environments and to enhance their performance.

Assessments – Buy Now

Aptitude, cognitive and knowledge-based assessments. We have a range of readily available assessments designed and validated by our Psychologists that you can buy online.

Bespoke assessments

Specialist assessment programmes and tailored assessments. We work with you to identify key traits for the role, your company ethos and culture to devise the optimal assessment process.

Mental Wellbeing

MindQ™ is a corporate mental health risk assessment for early identification of mental health issues in staff. Available for all industries.


We are able to provide consultancy on psychometric testing, competency frameworks, assessment programmes, profiling, human performance and mental health assessment consultancy.


We provide specific training courses ranging from certification in our Psychometric tests to police witness training and English Language training. Talk to us about your training requirements.

High Risk Industries

Our services are vital for any company operating in high consequence industries where the selection of personnel is critical including Aviation and Police.