What we do

Symbiotics, formally Resource Group's Symbiotic Performance Solutions Division, is a leading specialist in providing human performance consultancy to aviation, blue-light, transportation and defence sectors.

Human performance is at the heart of all our activity and services we provide. We know that when people are subconsciously competent in a task, they are in a perfect position to perform to their full potential. That is Human Performance at its best. They are ‘at one’ with their mission and their equipment.

This does not happen by accident. Whether the equipment is a Formula 1 cockpit, loading system or mine-clearing device, it must be intuitive to use. The training must be comprehensive so as to instill confidence and the operator’s mind must be focused and alert.

Human performance is all about the skillful blending of human factors design expertise, training design and delivery and the psychological development of the mental mindset. This carefully crafted combination makes us stand apart from the rest.

Through the ADAPT selection and assessment system, we are able to help you select the right people for the job at the very beginning of your training pipeline, reducing both training risk and cost.

How our services protect lives

Our expertise supports emergency and intelligence services, nationally and internationally. Our systems protect soldiers and civilians from attack from IEDs in Afghanistan.

We have represented the Counter Terrorist Advisory Group to advise the Metropolitan Police on the psychology of human behaviour when fighting terrorism.

Global NGOs, who are charged with the dangerous task of humanitarian de-mining, use our management systems to safely detect and neutralise such threats.

How our services help save time and money

Attention to the smallest detail makes a world of difference. We showed a Formula 1 team how to shave 1 second off a pit stop, with huge competitive and financial implications.

Our Human Factors work on a Thermal Imaging system helped Jaguar avoid an expensive mistake.

A racing driver, a fighter pilot or an artillery operator performs with split-second timing. Work with them to create the right mental attitude and visualisation techniques and you get winning results.

Our selection and assessment profiling system (ADAPT) helps clients to select the personality best-suited to flying an aircraft or operating complex equipment.

Additionally, the blending of our in-house expertise on projects helps to cut delivery times and generate significant cost savings.


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