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Symbiotics has created the ADAPT suite of selection tools using its combined experience within Human Factors, Sports Psychology and Aviation Training Domains.From a simple ten minute assessment of a candidate's physical and cognitive ability to a full assessment of personality, skills and potential, ADAPT is accurate in all areas. It is a blended assessment that not only looks at skills, but intelligently assesses the impact of behaviour, culture, personality and technology on the person and the potential role.

The ADAPT process is currently used widely in the aviation industry, through pilots, cabin crew and engineers. It is also successfully implemented within the military, armed police services, education and medical industries, amongst others. This demonstrates the flexibility of the system to be transferred to all areas.

International airlines and pilot training academies use ADAPT to discover and acquire the best personnel. They need to predict the trainability of flight crew, their operational effectiveness and how they will fit into the organisation.

ADAPT delivers selection, testing and the detail an organisation needs to make an informed decision about the people in their organisation.

For all aviation sectors including the Armed Services, ADAPT helps with:

  • Streaming for aircraft type (rotary wing, fixed wing)
  • Operational roles (Apache, Lynx, Typhoon)
  • Operational environments (search & rescue, transport & attack)
  • Experience evaluation (Ab-Initio, Entry-Level First Officer, Captain etc)
  • Aviation courses (CPL, MPL, ATP, ATPL)
  • Rating conversions
  • ADAPT exceeds the compliance criteria set down by IATA in their Guidance Material & Best Practice for Pilot Aptitude Testing. Read our IATA response here

For the Commercial and Corporate sectors, ADAPT helps with:

  • Increases motivation and morale
  • Enhances learning
  • Aids smart scheduling and panning
  • Helps reduce training costs and hours
  • Real, context specific behaviours

The ADAPT Team is highly skilled in psychology, training course design and delivery, leadership and management and human factors. To learn more about our ADAPT team click here

ADAPT - Our Approach

Our experience covers the implementation of ADAPT within a diverse range of cultures, roles, platforms and management models. With this comes a powerful insight and understanding of how to get the best out of the programme.

What You Receive

ADAPT offers a graduated approach to selection.

  1. FAST is a highly effective ten minute online assessment tool that gives an indication of an individual’s multi-tasking and learning potential. The assessment analyses physical and cognitive skill providing an overview of a candidate's breadth of skill and learning potential in the form of an instantaneous four page report.
  2. Online ADAPT is a blended solution that takes elements of the full ADAPT process and combines them with FAST to create a quick, effective and easy to administer screening tool. It includes a wide range of aptitude, knowledge and personality based assessments or tests that can be combined to create unique assessment packages bespoke to the requirements of each client.
  3. Full ADAPT is the original, most detailed and statistically proven selection process. It is a comprehensive assessment of a candidate over four hours; examining physical, cognitive, personality, behaviour and the effects of environment and situation. Candidate’s performances are assessed against the specific role, operational level and organisation/national culture within which they will be working, to provide a more complete picture of their potential to transition successfully into the role.

As a client, you benefit from our vast experience of pilot selection for a wide range of roles within the military, commercial and corporate sectors. You receive a bespoke system that identifies exactly what you need to know in relation to the context of training and operations.

ADAPT has the levels of validity and reliability required for understanding performance potential in terms of cultural norms and deviations.


In addition to our ADAPT suite of selection tools, we are delighted to be working with MHS Assessments in our use of MindQ, the mental wellbeing risk assessment. By identifying who is at risk of potential mental health conditions this allows them to be directed to the appropriate resources and support, to improve their mental wellbeing.

MindQ is a clinically validated assessment that can track changes in the individual’s mental wellbeing, highlighting risk potential. Investing in the mental wellbeing of your team can also have a substantial impact in reducing absenteeism or presenteeism, and increasing productivity.

Click here to read more information about MindQ or contact us to find out more about how we can support your organisations’ mental well-being

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