EASA Psychological evaluation

Are you ready for mandatory psychological evaluation of your pilots? We've got the tools you need.

Since the Germanwings tragedy, the EASA Task Force says that ‘All airline pilots should undergo psychological evaluation as part of the training or before entering service’; something we’ve been assisting our clients with for years.

EASA Recommendations from the Task Force:

  • Pilots must be assessed for cognitive capacity, multi-tasking, psycho-motor coordination, memory reaction times and stress tolerance
  • Evaluate pilot personality at selection stage
  • Assessment should be international
  • Ensure pilots are not prone to risk taking behaviour or limited personal resilience to stressful situations
  • Assessment should take into account specific operational environments
  • Assessment should take into account specific organisational environments
  • There must be ongoing assessment throughout the pilot’s career
  • Be compliant with existing guidance. For example IATA ‘Guidance Material and Best Practices for Pilot Aptitude Testing’

Our suite of tools, called 'ADAPT', provide a highly accurate, blended assessment of a pilot’s physical and cognitive abilities and can assess personality, skills and potential for a role.

It intelligently assesses the impact of behaviour, culture, personality and technology within its evaluation to provide a full report that you can use to make an informed decision about your people.

Throughlife support
The ADAPT system works for ten different platform profiles and offers 8 levels of assessment from Ab initio through to TRI/QFI/Test pilot. For individuals, completing ADAPT increases motivation and morale, gives performance history to support career progression and enhances learning. For the operator, it will reduce time in the training pipeline, increase throughput and produce more robust and flexible candidates.

Global context
ADAPT is available in five languages and is used on 5 continents and 13 countries. The system has 64 programmed personality profiles that can be mapped for 64 different organisational styles, producing a culturally sensitive report on the candidate.

Aptitude and skills
ADAPT measures a variety of aptitudes and skills, included the following:
• flight behaviour and learning
• effects of anxiety
• situation awareness
• accuracy and control
• disruption, recovery and flight parameter deviation
• personality states and traits
• Standard Operating Procedure adherence and interpretation
The results of these tests, combined with other areas of the process build up a naturalistic, context specific view of a candidate that will demonstrate where they will do well or struggle during training and gives a more complete picture of their potential.

The system assesses the impact of personality and behaviour on performance using its 64 personality profiles and also includes the effect of physical skills, cognitive skills and situation on the performance of the candidate against a specific role, operational level/national culture within which they will be working.


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