The full ADAPT assessment is a five-stage process that provides information on personality, skills and situation to build up a naturalistic, context specific view of a candidate. The process is as follows:

  1. Personality questionnaire and behavioural assessment
  2. Aptitude tests or group assessment
  3. Structured Interview by trained assessor
  4. Quantified physical assessment
  5. Video Debrief

The resulting report enables a well-rounded insight of the candidate in four domains:

  • Physical skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Impact of personality and behaviour on performance
  • Effects of situation

From the information gathered an automated and objective analysis of the candidate is carried out and customers are provided with a comprehensive report which includes trainability, suitability and operational performance.

The report shows candidate performance against the generic population as well as showing pinch points, KPI and competencies of a syllabus demonstrating where the candidate will do well and where they may struggle during training. Finally the candidate is assessed against performance and fit within the learning and operating environment.

The ADAPT Difference

Benefits of ADAPT:

  • Available in five languages on 5 continents and 13 countries
  • 8 levels of assessment
  • Produces an accurate report that can be used for career development purposes, increasing return on investment
  • Predictive values of +98.5% (p=>-0.1)
  • Data sets > 5000
  • 64 personality profiles can be mapped to 64 different organisational styles.

Benefits to clients:

  • Increases motivation and morale
  • Enhances learning
  • Aids smart scheduling and planning
  • Produce more robust and flexible candidates
  • Does not discriminate against personality or experience
  • Improves instructor availability
  • Helps reduce training costs and hours
  • Well rounded and mature employees
  • Predicts platform preference
  • Provides tailor-made candidates
  • Provides performance history for career progression
  • Blended mix of flight behaviour learning
  • Real, context specific behaviours.

Full ADAPT Intelligent Selection for pilots

  • ADAPT is a leading pilot assessment programme for selecting pilots with the right physical and mental abilities. It is one of the most conclusive, predictive and effective pilot selection tools on the market.
  • ADAPT is the only pilot selection system that is fully compliant and currently exceeding IATA Guidance Material and Best Practice for Pilot Aptitude Testing.
  • The assessment system has a 98.5% accuracy rate to date, it is operational in 5 continents and 13 countries and is currently available in five languages.
  • The system works for ten different platform profiles and offers 8 levels of assessment from Ab initio through to TRI/QFI/Test pilot.
  • ADAPT measures flight behaviour and learning, modality dominance, effects of anxiety, situation awareness, accuracy and control, disruption, recovery and flight parameter deviation, personality states and traits, Standard Operating Procedure adherence and interpretation, real and context specific behaviours.

Benefits to aviation professionals:

  • Reduced remedial flights
  • No failures
  • Higher grades
  • Higher output standards
  • Reduced time in pipeline
  • Reduced time on training platforms
  • Increased throughput
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