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Aspects Leadership Questionnaire

This test requires certified users This test requires certified users

This leadership personality questionnaire is designed to examine an individual’s personality and preferences in the workplace. It examines 28 different aspects of personality and how they are applied to leadership.

Aspects can be used within the recruitment pipeline to help shortlist applicants most likely to be successful, as well as within Human Resources teams to support internal processes and career progression opportunities.


This test is designed as a senior level personality questionnaire, for use across initial selection and recruitment processes through to identifying candidate suitability for promotion and team leadership / management opportunities.

User Requirements

This test has a psychological basis and therefore requires your team to have a certified staff member to be able to interpret and present back the results. It is only available to be purchased by businesses who have been trained in interpretation and feedback of the results.

Symbiotics offer Certification Training to provide you with the skills to be able to successfully interpret our Leadership Questionnaires. This allows you to have the awareness to interpret the results clearly and make confident and accurate decisions based on the results.

If you wish to discuss your requirements with one of the Symbiotics team, get in touch to discuss your needs and how our psychologists are able to support you.

Taking the test

This questionnaire is not timed, but it is advised that a candidate does not take more than 45 minutes to complete it. Once commenced, the candidate is unable to log out until all of the questions are answered. This test can be taken at home or at an assessment centre.

Report / Feedback

This test generates a report comprising a profile of the 28 traits normed against a management population, together with an interpretative narrative section.

Download a sample report to see what to expect.

Our Psychologists say

Aspects Leadership Questionnaire is used to understand an individual’s preferences on traits that are demanded of managers and leaders in a wide range of industries. Clustered into groups covering Leadership, Structure, Risk Taking, Conformity, People Orientation, Resilience and Commercial Awareness, the underlying model is the Five Factor model of personality.