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Coordination - Ball Game

This test requires certified users This test requires certified users

This test measures a candidate's control and co-ordination, with the option for hand-eye or hand, foot and eye co-ordination.


This test forms part of our Aviation Assessment package, but is also suitable for individuals who want to determine whether they have the appropriate level of control and co-ordination for a role where this is a key requirement

User Requirements

Ball Game is available online and is used widely as an initial test of physical and cognitive skills in a multi-tasking environment.

Buying multiple tests - do you need a corporate account? Speak to our sales team for bulk discounts on test purchases in preparation for a recruitment process or assessment centre. Once purchased, you will receive license codes to enable you to distribute the assessments to your candidates as required.

Candidates are also able to purchase an individual license to allow verification of the test, or for practice with the set-up prior to an assessment centre. You will receive a licence code to allow you access and you are required to have use of a joystick to be able to undertake the test.

Taking the test

This test lasts for approximately four minutes and requires, at minimum, the use of a joystick for completion.

Report / Feedback

This test generates a report comprising a profile of the 28 traits normed against a management population, together with an interpretative narrative section.

Download a sample report to see what to expect.

Our Psychologists say

A test of hand-eye co-ordination is one of the best predictors of the aptitude for the physical skills of flying. Many people play games on apps on tablets and smart phones and think they have good co-ordination, but the physical manipulation of the joystick requires a more complex set of movements which are captured in this test.