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This test requires certified users This test requires certified users

This test identifies how well a candidate copes under pressure and identifies traits such as adherence to process when under stress.


This test needs to be run as part of our police assessment day and can’t be purchased individually.

User Requirements

This test forms part of the Symbiotics Police Assessment Day and therefore can't be purchased separately.

If you want to discuss the set-up of your assessment day, or have a conversation around the best options for your business, then get in touch with Symbiotics for an informed chat around the best approach for your organisation.

Taking the test

The candidate undertakes a practice session, followed by a recorded mission which they later debrief. It runs through a specific programme and requires the ability to listen to audio.

Report / Feedback

Symbiotics provide a full report of how the candidate performed and some comments and recommendations around their training potential and role suitability.

Download a sample report to see what to expect.

Our Psychologists say

This is an element of the training course that is often a fail point for potential Firearms Officers. There is a high cost of getting officers to this point, many of whom do not have the personality traits, knowledge, skills or aptitudes to achieve their ambitions, as evidenced by the 40% to 60% success rate for these courses. But the aptitude is essential in predicting the potential to succeed. The House Search Situational Judgement test is a cost effective solution to this dilemma, as it provides an assessment environment that draws on all the skills required of a Firearms Officer.