This identifies the individual preferences of a candidate which may be traits which could cause them difficulty in certain situations. These often include characteristics and behaviours that are strengths which can overwhelm others at times. This questionnaire provides insight to help the individual to avoid these 'trip hazards'.


This test forms part of our General Assessment suite for recruitment and internal HR and promotion processes.

It is also suitable for individuals who wish to understand areas where they may have weaknesses under pressure, to assist with their personal and professional development.

This test has a psychological basis and therefore cannot be sold without the support and feedback of the Symbiotics' psychologists, to ensure that the appropriate guidance is being given to the recipient.

User Requirements

Are you looking to understand your own reactions to pressure, or identify some traits that might be having an impact on your career? Candidates are able to purchase an individual license - you will receive a licence code to allow you access to the system, which will enable you to undertake the assessment.

Buying multiple tests - do you need a corporate account? Speak to our sales team for bulk discounts on test purchases in preparation for a recruitment process or assessment centre. Once purchased, you will receive Licence codes to enable you to distribute the assessments to your candidates as required.

Licence codes are for single use only and must be redeemed within 12 months.

Taking the test

This online test is untimed but we advise that candidates should complete all the questions within 20 to 30 minutes.


The results of this test are provided as scores for each criterion which fits are normed against the relevant population.

Download a sample report to see what to expect.

Our Psychologists say

Everyone has weaknesses, some of which are a result of overdone strengths, and manage these by actively monitoring and controlling their behavior. At times of stress or pressure, though, the capacity to maintain this control can be impacted and the fa├žade slips, revealing the underlying reactions. This test helps to determine where these weaknesses lie, and the potential impact they may have.