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Do you want to be a Pilot?

Symbiotics work with airlines and aviation training schools globally delivering pre-screening and selection & assessment solutions. As such, we are highly experienced and well placed to advise on how to prepare if you are considering entering the Pilot training pipeline, changing employer, applying for promotion or changing your career path.

We have a variety of tools to support you as you consider whether aviation is perhaps right for you, or as you explore how to become a Pilot and look at the different routes into aviation.

Symbiotics are the owners and only providers of the genuine suite of ADAPT tests. ADAPT tests are not available from any other providers we do not have affiliations with resellers, distributors or partners. If you wish to take our ADAPT tests you will need to purchase them directly through this website.

Assessment Preparation Course

Are you looking for an assessment preparation course to provide you with insight into all aspects of an Aviation Assessment Day as well as allowing you the opportunity to undertake sample assessments, receive interview guidance and participate in group exercise?

Symbiotics' Pilot Preparation sessions give you an overview of the Pilot recruitment and training process whilst identifying your strengths and development areas with your potential future career as a Pilot in mind.

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Practice Tests

Are you looking for practice ADAPT tests or to refresh your skills prior to an assessment day?

Symbiotics offer a range of online tests for you to practice in order to refresh a variety of skills including Maths, Physics, English, Cognitive Reasoning and Mechanical Reasoning.

You can also take a version of our FAST test which is widely used for Ab-Initio selection for training. This test measures your ability to manage a dynamic environment and is frequently used as a precursor to an assessment centre or acceptance on a training programme. Our practice version of the test allows you to familarise yourself with what to expect, prior to attending an assessment centre. Buy FAST here to test your cognitive and physical skills.

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What to expect on an Aviation Assessment Day

Congratulations - you've been invited to attend an assessment day and are one step closer to entering the aviation world. What should you expect from the day though and how do you prepare?

An aviation assessment day is designed to put you through a variety of tasks designed to identify and examine traits and skills that relate specifically to the role in question. This includes both Ab-Initio and Command Upgrade.

The day usually comprises of many different tasks including a research project and presentation, structured interview, cognitive testing and flight assessments.

To see a brief guide into what to expect from these assessment days, have a look at our infographic which demonstrates a typical process as run by Symbiotics. These are similar and have the same elements no matter whether you undertake your selection process.

Image of assessment day infographic