Human performance assessment and screening

ADAPT is the Gold Standard of pilot selection. Each year hundreds of next generation pilots go through our programme.


Agusta Westland, Algerian Rotary Wing, Ab-Initio

In 2010 Resource Group’s Symbiotic Performance Solutions division were approached by Agusta Westland to select Algerian Ab-Initio candidates from both Civil and Military forces (Police Force, Civil Protection and Gendarmerie) for PPL or CPL rotary wing training.

The customer requirement was to select candidates suitable for training in a UK-based rotary-wing PPL or CPL course pipeline. Based at Shobdon, and later Newquay, successful candidates would be trained in line with PPL/CPL course requirements, with the capability of operational conversion to fly the Agusta LUH; a twin engine glass cockpit aircraft.

Working with Augusta Westland, Resource Group worked up specific character and role requirements essential to the role. Identifying the specific training and organisational culture within which candidates would be living and working were of key importance, due to the variation in social and cultural norms.

Following four selection periods at a range of customer sites in Algiers, the team assessed a total of 180 candidates from the range of organisations. The selection team, comprising of experienced Pilots, Psychologists and native French speakers, conducted assessments in French and in alignment with the customer requirement. In addition to the baseline selection procedure, candidates were also tested in Maths, Physics and English ICAO language level.

The candidate performance matrix was later reviewed with the customer to identify the most appropriate 90 candidates to undergo training in the UK. The first batch of candidates have nearly completed their PPL flying phase and have all progressed well; final results have yet to be completed and analysed. The Gendarmerie, who were predicted to outperform the other services, are currently ahead in their grades and performance levels

Malaysian Ab-Initio for Air Asia, A320 MPL

In December 2009, Resource Group’s Symbiotic Performance Solutions division, as a joint venture with CAE, were employed to select Ab-Initio candidates for AirAsia training within the CAE MPL Beta course programme.

The requirement was to provide 12 suitable cadets, who could later become competent Airbus A320 Co-pilots. In addition to success in training, AirAsia required candidates who could prove to be good employees and align with their ethos and, where possible, identify command potential.

The candidates were selected against the CAE MPL syllabus criteria and also assessed for their suitability for employment with the AirAsia organisation as a line pilot for long and short haul routes. They were therefore mapped against a Canadian Flight Training Organisation, a Texan multi-engine (jet) conversion course and completion of type rating and line training in Malaysia.

In addition to the baseline ADAPT process, candidates were presented with three additional tests; English language and aviation related Maths and Physics. They were selected according to specific personality profiles, producing a cohesive group; one which would thrive in the differing training environments, manage the glass cockpit and sensitivity of the side stick and be prepared to work long hours, being committed to an aircrew career.

Using ADAPT’s trainability matrix, a selection panel consisting of AirAsia and CAE personnel selected only those candidates who had scored average and above. There were, among these, some candidates who were not high performers on the day but who had a trainable profile and a personality that fitted. The client purchased the Silver service from Resource Group, which provided Instructor support; the twelve successful students were interviewed in Canada and matched into compatible and complementary pairs.

To date, the students have a course average of 99% and higher, several at 100%. They all went solo within a day of one another and have all excelled in their transition to Texas and jet training.

This well publicised and important inaugural course was under the scrutiny of multiple International Standards Bodies and has been closely monitored at every stage. Transport Canada has taken copies of the reports and has been using them as a benchmark against training performance. This has been an unqualified success leading to discussions with the Standards Manager.

ADAPT Selects for Camair Co

Camair Co approached Resource Group’s Symbiotic Performance Solutions division as an emerging Airline in Cameroon looking to select the most suitable First Officers and Captains to take their flagship carrier into live operations by the beginning of 2011. The National Airliner aimed to right the wrongs of the previous failed national Airline by adhering to internationally recognised standards across the company infrastructure and in particular with regard to Pilot selection. The goal was to ensure that candidates were not only good, reliable safe operators that would pass out the 737 and 767 type rating course, but importantly, they would fit the new company ethos and culture.

Resource Group worked closely with Camair Co to identify the company culture, and in doing so define the requisite personality match. Alongside this, we completed a course analysis of the Boeing type rating syllabus and an analysis of the Knowledge Skills and Attitudes required for the role of First Officer and Captain.

After identifying the client specific requirements, the ADAPT Team embarked upon a selection period in Douala Cameroon. After assessing a range of candidates with a wealth of experience, skills and personalities ADAPT provided Camair Co with all the information required to intelligently identify the perfect candidates to move the company one step closer to becoming the Flag Ship airline of Cameroon.

Camair-Co embarked on their inagural flight: March 28, 2011

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