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Symbiotics offers a range of business consultancy services relating to the assessment and selection of people, specialising within business and role-based mapping.

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Symbiotics work with you to profile your business and / or role to identify the ideal candidate fit for the team. This work is undertaken by our qualified psychologists and works around our established personality questionnaires.

We have successfully worked with companies across the world to create a culturally sensitive profile for a range of businesses, visiting and meeting the relevant stakeholders to ensure that we get a complete picture of your requirements.

By undertaking a business profiling exercise, Symbiotics can help you to ensure that you are hiring and promoting the right people within the right roles; helping create business harmony and job satisfaction. This in turn reduces staff turnover and increases productivity, as your team are well-motivated with skills and personalities chosen to complement one another.

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Competency Framework

Symbiotics will help you to understand the competencies and attributes that contribute to the effectiveness of your business.

Our consultants would come out to your premises and do a company analysis looking at the values and leadership requirements across the designated part of the business be this team, department or the entire company. Using a diagonal slice of the company personnel, ensuring we are covering all departments and seniorities, we will ask targeted questions to help understand the different elements within.

Symbiotics can also help produce a competency framework for a specific job role, identifying the knowledge, skills and attributes the ideal candidate would have to fulfil the company expectations in this position.

This helps to ensure that the same values are understood and embodied company-wide, helping all departments have the same level of awareness and making sure that the right people are in the right roles.

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Bespoke Exercise Design

Symbiotics will work with you to create and lead exercises to be run in assessment or development centres where you want to elicit specific responses or competencies in a specific area or level as required. This allows any tests or scenarios to be bespoke to your needs, industry relevant and level appropriate.

Whether you are looking for a recruitment process or internal development, we will work to your individual requirements to present a range of exercises to include presentation topics, group activities or specific simulations and scenarios.

We provide a team to run the assessment / development centre for you as well, making sure that the day runs smoothly and providing the additional awareness of the assessments to provide the best experience for candidates and the best output for our clients. Symbiotics adhere to the BPS Standards for Assessment Centres, and will help you to ensure that your assessment processes are fair and equitable for all candidates, as well as being robust and replicable for repeat use.