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Mental Wellbeing

Symbiotics are working to support mental wellbeing and a better understanding of mental health in the workplace. We offer MindQ™ and MindFull online mental well-being assessment for organisations wanting to monitor and support their staff's mental health at work.

The mental health charity Mind suggest that globally 1 in 4 adults will experience at least one mental health condition in any given year. This adds up to around 450 million people globally: nearly seven times the population of the UK.


Symbiotics are delighted to be working with MHS Assessments in our use of MindQ™, the clinically validated mental wellbeing risk assessment. We can help you by identifying who is at risk of potential mental health conditions, so that they can be directed to the appropriate resources and support to improve their mental wellbeing.

Our MindFull solution builds upon MindQ™ and monitors a candidate over time, identifying trends and looking for evidence of masking to help inform and enhance the MindQ™ report. This helps to identify changes in the mental state of an individual and allow support and guidance to be provided at the earliest opportunity.

Find out about Symbiotics' offering of MindQ™ here

Footprints and shadows

Mental Health and Personality are two very distinct parts of an individual’s make up between which the lines of perception can often get blurred. Here at Symbiotics we understand the difference between these and the importance they play in the day-to-day life of each and every one of us.

Have a read of our exploratory article here and get in touch if you want to find out more about our personality questionnaire and how it meets the requirements of the governing bodies of high-risk industries.

Have a look below at our partner organisations who can provide individual support and guidance, or read more about MindQ™ here.

Our partner support organisations

Symbiotics are proud of its association with mental wellbeing providers and are able to offer referral to partner organisations who can provide clinical support should you staff need it. For any individual who takes our MindQ™ or MindFull assessments and is recommended support, we will happily refer them to the most suitable of our partners to ensure that no one is left unsupported.

Hear Karen speak

Symbiotics' Managing Director and Principal Occupational Psychologist Karen Moore is a frequent speaker at mental wellbeing and aviation events across the world, having spoken recently in Korea as well as at a variety of events in the UK. With mental wellbeing a topic for all industries and employers, Karen's primary focus and concern is that when we look at mental wellbeing we do so from the right perspective: not looking to diagnose those who are ill, instead making sure that everyone stays as well as they can be.

Find out more about Karen here, or if you would like to know where and when Karen will be next speaking or if you would like Karen to speak at your event please get in touch.