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Mental Wellbeing Tests

Working in partnership with MHS Assessments, Symbiotics are delighted to be offering MindQ which is a clinically validated mental wellbeing risk assessment tool.

How do they help?

Our mental wellbeing questionnaire is clinically validated and helps to identify people who might be at risk of a mental health condition. This can allow individuals to be directed to the appropriate support to assist them personally, as well as helping reduce risk and increase productivity as a business. This is not a diagnostic test, but identifies those areas of stress that are having an impact on the individual and reducing their mental wellbeing. Stress can arise both inside and outside the work environment, but will impact on the ability to perform the job role effectively. Early intervention safeguards the individual's mental wellbeing, with the benefit of minimising the impact on their work.

Our MindFull solution builds upon MindQ and monitors a candidate over time, identifying trends and looking for evidence of masking to help inform and enhance the MindQ report. This helps to identify changes in the mental state of an individual and allow support and guidance to be provided at the earliest opportunity.

A version of the test aimed at people working in traumatic situations such as the emergency services or the military will be available early in 2019.

You can find out more about MindQ and our mental wellbeing services here.

Example Questions

Questions are specially designed by a team of Psychologists to help explore all aspects of an individual’s mental wellbeing and to provide the most accurate insight possible. These include scales where candidates rates themselves, or identifies the traits and behaviours, which are most and least like them.

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