Reflections on EATS 2017 - The times they are a-changing

Apart from the opportunity to exhibit and network at EATS 2017, we at Symbiotics Ltd, were also very keen to hear the latest thinking and developments in Airline Training and Recruitment. Therefore attending key seminars, panel discussions and keynote addresses.

Some of the key themes we heard included:

  • Sector is facing a number of emerging technologies that require regulation
  • Air Traffic Management is becoming more automated with the prospect of single European sky regulation
  • “One size fits all” training may not be suitable going forward – the client base i.e. trainees is changing – Millennials and Generation Z
  • Greater use of Evidence Based Training for both initial and recurrent training
  • Meeting the great challenge for pilot supply ensuring the right people are entering the industry, optimum training processes are in place and providing attractive pilot careers
  • Pre-screening of candidates based on independent assessment of core competencies to open the profession to more candidates from divergent backgrounds
  • A requirement for continuous pilot competence development and assessment

One element that did, however, seem to be missing was discussion around assessing mental wellbeing – for all aircrew. EASA guidelines focus on psychological assessments at the point of entry for pilots and there are well-established assessments to predict the personality traits and behaviours required to fill different roles i.e. assessing a person’s psychological “footprint”.

However, as aircrew take on extra responsibilities within their respective roles as well as the demands of balancing changes within home and family life, mental wellbeing can differ greatly season to season, month to month, day to day, hour by hour. In effect, mental wellbeing is our “shadow” and therefore more prevalent to change.

Assessing mental wellbeing on a regular basis can identify at an early stage where an intervention is required and advice and guidance provided.

Will the industry become more pro-active in managing this issue or do we wait for another compelling event to force the issue?

Symbiotics offer a suite of selection tools, but are also working with MHS Assessments in our use of MindQ, a clinically validated mental wellbeing risk assessment. We firmly believe that by investing in the mental wellbeing of your team has a substantial impact in reducing absenteeism or presenteeism and increasing productivity, as well as allowing those at risk of potential mental health conditions to be directed to the appropriate resources and support.

If you want to find out more about how we can help you look after the mental wellbeing of your team then please get in touch with Karen Moore by email here or on 01905 368 175.

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