Whether you know exactly what you need, know what you want to find out but not how to get there, or are looking for an introduction to psychometric test usage, Symbiotics are able to assist you.

I want a practice test

Do you need a practice test, to familiarise yourself with the process prior to an assessment day or to brush up on some skills? All of our open tests are available to be purchased for practice use. View all of our Open tests here.

I want to purchase tests for my organisation

If you are looking for knowledge and reasoning tests for recruitment, training or personal development then Symbiotics' Open test portfolio is ideal for you. These tests include Maths, English and Physics knowledge as well as logical and cognitive reasoning. See all open tests.

I need a test with a psychological basis

If you are looking for a test with a psychological basis, such as a personality or mental wellbeing questionnaire, please contact us so that we can better understand your requirements. This enables us to provide advice and guidance on the tests or assessment package that are best suited to your needs. These tests require specialist preparation or interpretation of the reports and are therefore not available to be purchased online.

Alternatively, if you are already a certified test user with us, you can purchase psychosocial tests online from within your ADAPT login.