Investigative skills training

Witness Familiarisation Course

This course is essential if you could find yourself being called as a witness at any tribunal of fact, for example, Police Officers, Clinicians, HR Professionals, Social Care Professionals, Non Police Investigators and Commercial Investigators. The course is a practical, skills based session with the aim of developing your witness skills in order to present effective evidence at any tribunal.

At the end of the course you will fully understand how to present effective evidence, the role of all of the other participants and how to prepare properly prior to you giving evidence.


Investigative Interviewing

The aim of any interviewer is to obtain accurate and reliable information from the interviewee. Interviews that are conducted in that manner will survive future scrutiny thus ensuring the interviewer’s actions are legally defensible therefore protecting the organisation from loss which could be financial or reputational.

Whether you are a police officer investigating a murder suspect, a human resource professional conducting an internal investigation or a commercial investigator investigating company losses, we have a course for you, as we cover the entire range of the interviewing spectrum for law enforcement agencies and commercial organisations.

PEACE Interview Training for Student Police Officers

Investigative Interview Training for Serious and Complex Interviewing

Visually Recorded Interview Training (ABE)

Specialist Witness Interview Training

Specialist Suspect Interview Training


Law, Evidence and Procedure

If you are looking for a briefing or more formalised training day to fulfil a legal need; which could be informing the workplace of a new piece of legislation or simply refreshing them with existing legislation then Symbiotics have the experience and expertise to meet your need.

Are you responsible for conducting investigations and obtaining facts; are you satisfied that your methodology is legally sound and defensible; our training at Symbiotics will provide you with that satisfaction.

Criminal Procedure and Investigation Act Training

Human Rights Act Training

Police and Criminal Evidence Act Training

Threats to Kill/Harm Policy Training

Investigation Training


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